Cooper EO, Segalman KA, Parks BG, Sharma KM, Nguyen A.

American Journal of Orthopedics,36(4), April 2007: E46-E49

Abstract: Eight matched pairs of cadaveric radii were osteotomized by removing a 4-mm dorsal wedge of bone at the level of the sigmoid notch designed to simulate dorsal comminution. They were then fixed with either a volar locking-screw plate or fragment-specific fixation. All constructs underwent biomechanical testing in a custom-designed, custom-fabricated 4-point bending device. No statistically significant difference in stiffness was noted between the groups. Linear displacement and angulation at the osteotomy site were significantly less in the group with fragment-specific fixation at loads expected to be encountered during postoperative rehabilitation. Angulation at the osteotomy site was significantly less in the locking-screw plate groups at higher loads.