N. Saw, C. Roberts, K. Cutbush, M. Hodder, G. Couzens and M. Ross

This paper reports the results of fixation of intraarticular fractures of the distal radius using the TriMed fragment-specific fixation system by surgeons early in their experience with the system. A consecutive series of 22 AO types C2 and C3 fractures in 21 patiens were internally fixed with the minimum of 6 months follow-up, mean volar and radial inclination were 8* and 25*, respectively, with no less of reduction. The patiens had a mean of 50* flexion, 63* extension, and a pronation-supination arc of 149*. The mean subjective Patien Rated Wrist Score was 20. Our complication rate was comparable to other published series despite long operating times. Therefore, we commend the system as a powerful tool to treat these difficult fractures but acknowledge the significant learning curve. The Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volumne, 2008) 33E:1:53-58