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About TriMed Inc.

In an industry where traditional methods of plate and screw fixation drive a fiercely competitive market, TriMed has advantageously positioned itself as one of the lead innovators in the field of orthopaedics by redefining the treatment of periarticular fractures through Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF).

Traditional methods of plate and screw fixation often pose limitations in the treatment of complex periarticular fractures, and for that reason, the founders of TriMed recognized the need to create a more viable solution for the treatment of these injuries.  In 1997, TriMed, Inc. was incorporated with the initial goal of developing a unique set of orthopaedic implants designed to treat complex distal radius fractures through ORIF.  At the time, these implants out-performed existing methods used for repairing complex wrist fractures and provided one of the first treatment options by ORIF for these complex injuries – therefore, ultimately optimizing recovery for the patient. The success of TriMed’s fragment specific implants was the key component for developing the first complete Wrist Fixation System, but more importantly, the advancement in the treatment of complex periarticular fractures became the driving force for the development of TriMed’s unique methods and inventive technologies to successfully treat complex musculoskeletal pathologies of the upper and lower extremities.*

For the past twenty years, TriMed has worked diligently to foster an inventive culture that aims to provide solutions where traditional methods fall short.  This enthusiasm has been the motivation behind many of TriMed’s innovative technologies, including the Volar Bearing Plate which allows surgeons to capture fragments of the radius without disrupting plate position, and the Sidewinder Plate, which delivers interfragmentary compression without relying on thread purchase.  TriMed has also expanded its expertise beyond the periarticular fracture, and currently offers a number of systems that utilize unique methods to optimize patient recovery while increasing efficiency in the operation room, including: the Ulnar Osteotomy Compression Plate, Clavicle System, Elbow and Forearm System, Fifth Metatarsal System, and Ankle Fixation System.

Although TriMed is smaller in size than most of its competitors, TriMed’s expertise in periarticular fractures helped the company experience a rapid amount of growth in the orthopedic arena.  TriMed’s success is also largely contributed to the superior service that it provides to its customers and prides itself on its accessibility to resources throughout its supply chain.  TriMed places a great deal of value on building solid, positive relationships with its customers and professional colleagues.  For these reasons, TriMed’s success has not only positioned them among the key players in the field of orthopaedics but has also established them as one of the most approachable and positive influences in the industry.

* Medoff, R.J., M.D., Kopylov, P., M.D.
“Immediate Internal Fixation and Motion of Comminuted Distal Radius Fractures Using a New Fragment Specific Fixation System”. Orthopaedic Transactions, 22 (1): 165. 1998,